01 | Transpose

It's essential for you as a singer that you can change the key of the songs. With JamFactory you can easily transpose the songs to your favorite key.

02 | Preview lyrics and chords

Lyrics and chords can be previewed in Karaoke style.

No need to scroll through the lyrics manually. JamFactory always keeps your lyrics and chords in perfect synchronization with the music.

If you change the key of the song the chords will be transposed to the new key.

03 | Microphone ready

Just connect your microphone to JamFactory and you are ready to sing. JamFactory comes with a microphone channel strip ready for you to connect your microphone. The channel strip includes a build in equalizer, reverb, and compressor. You can also insert a 3rd party effect app on the channel strip for advanced vocal processing.

04 | 3rd party apps

You can open 3rd party apps inside JamFactory if they support the Audio Unit Extension format.

The apps can act as instruments like synthesizers and guitar pedals or as effect units like reverbs, chorus, filters harmonizers etc.

This enables you to combine your favorite instrument or effect apps with JamFactory.

You can also connect 3rd party apps to JamFactory using Audiobus.

05 | Record and share

You can record you performance as audio or as video and share it with your friends. All songs can record your performance on dedicated user tracks. If you want you can also transport you work to Garageband or Logic for professional recording and editing capabilities.